G'day Australia!

Bird watching in Australia? Make sure to download our Australian Bird Quick List app that includes over 900 Australian species. The app is a quick way to keep of list of the Australian birds you see whilst bird watching.

Hello UK!

Bird watching in the UK? Make sure you download our UK Bird Quick List app as it includes hundreds of UK species. The app is a quick way to keep of list of the UK birds you see whilst bird watching.



Create lists with a title, location, date and counter. The preemptive text means you'll never double up on a species.

Thousands of native species

Whether you're in the UK or Australia, Bird Quick List will pre-empt your typing with suggestions. Not on the list? You can add species and save them for later.


Export your lists to your home computer or share them with your friends!

a tool to record birds you see bird watching.

You can have several lists stored on your phone at any given time and be able to update them with new species whenever you wish. Each list can have a unique name, which is created by you at anytime.

If you are lucky enough to find a vagrant to your country, it can be recorded by simply typing in a new species to the list. Bird Quick List will keep track of how many birds are on your list and double listing of a species is not possible. 

  • Pre-emptive text from a catalogue of species.
  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Share, download and export

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